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Debbie Isaacs founded New Heights Fitness in 2005 and is an experienced A.C.E.-certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. She is also a certified Pilates Mat and Reformer instructor through Balanced Body University, a premiere Pilates instructor training and education organization. After starting her career off at a busy fitness center, she created an in-home private studio for clients to train and open up about their health and fitness concerns away from the distractions of a public gym.  

As a personal trainer and health coach, she strives to help people improve their health, feel better about themselves and their image, and chart a course toward optimal health. Many people have allowed lifestyle choices to make personal health and wellness a low priority. We each have to take care of the body we've got to get us through life and need to be more responsible to ourselves and loved ones to ensure that we remain as healthy and fit as possible. From her personal experience and those of her clients, she knows that proper exercise and a healthy diet are the keys to improving one's body, mind and spirit. Through years of training clients and dealing with their (and her own) musculoskeletal issues, she finds that Pilates, especially on the reformer, is an incredible form of mind-body exercise that helps to improve, and in some case resolve, problem areas. Becoming a certified Pilates instructor and adding a reformer to the studio has been an excellent addition for clients.

As we age, the benefits of exercise and a diet rich in nutrient dense foods have been proven to avoid or delay many common ailments of aging, such as heart disease, arthritis, back problems, gastrointestinal problems, osteoporosis, depression and more. In addition to feeding your body with nutritious foods, exercise is the other key to optimal health. Besides improving your overall health, exercise is empowering, stress-relieving and fun! Debbie is passionate about helping people transform themselves and fulfill their health and fitness goals by incorporating exercise and healthy eating into their daily lives.


Ready to take charge? Call today to schedule a free wellness consultation - 301-221-0492.

Senior Physiotherapy


"Working with Debbie, I feel stronger and energized and my overall health is so much better. She keeps me honest and accountable which makes a huge difference. Plus, I'm having fun!" - Ruth, 47
"I look forward to each session and we've done everything from Pilates reformer work to TRX to strength training to punching a boxing bag. I love it! It's the best money I've ever spent!"
- Cathy, age 62
"I am grateful for my Pilates trainer, Debbie and her studio New Heights Fitness, who has helped me gain flexibility, better balance and strength, as well as ease my back pain (from scoliosis) and arthritic pain. Without my workouts with her, I don't think I would be able to function without needing a wheelchair or walker." - Carole, 70
"I love doing Pilates on the reformer! I find the flow of exercises and the movement of the body similar to dance. It's a great mix of grace, strength and fun! Until I started working on the reformer, I don't think I understood what it means to have a strong "wrap around" core. My posture is better and I have more energy, strength and endurance for other activities like running, yoga and kid wrangling" - Pam, 47
"I've been dealing with hip pain for quite a while and my physical therapist suggested trying Pilates reformer. After several sessions with Debbie, I have gone from a 10 to a 1 in pain. She identified the right exercises for me to do on the reformer as well as those to do at home and it's made a huge difference!" - Judy, 72
"I really look forward to my sessions. They are very challenging and Debbie is a supportive trainer who gives lots of positive feedback and encouragement. I love punching and kicking the boxing bag!" - Nancy, 55
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